Babyjaws in Brazil

Babyjaws are really pleased to announce that our song ‘Sunshine’  has been used in Citroen’s latest commercial for their C3 and C4 Solaris range in Brazil


Sommerøya. Next stop Slottsfjell.

We have been doing lots of giging since the ByLarm music festival this year. Different festivals and events. Its been a blast! And we are still not done. This weekend we played at Sommerøya electronica festival at Langøyene. Which is mainly a DJ festival. Still they thought Babyjaws would fit in to that. They were right, it worked. We had a great time both on stage and off. Lots of good DJ-acts played. Subway was there, the drum and base DJ master, Aniki a Norwegian producer/DJ which aparantly is doing his first gigs in Norway this summer, Charlotte Thorstvedt, Ralf Mayerz, No Dile Tone, Datarok did a DJ set with some of my favorit tunes. Anyway the list is long. It was an awsome weekend and we spent it in a tipi! Thank you Anton Sol for making the festival happen! Look out for Sommerøya 2012 year. Thats where you need to be if you wanna survive…maybe. But dont quote me on it :) Next stop: Slottsfjeld Festival in Tønsberg. We are playing Saterday 16th of July at the Total Scene. The lineup at Slottsfjeld is totally amazing, check it at, and the location is too. So if you haven’t already got a ticket, get your shit togeter and do it, even if you live in Australia. You can still make it in time!

Picture taken on musikk day at Fugazi by Viktor Jæger.

babyjaws @ By:Larm 2011

On the 19th of feb we played our last gig for the By:Larm festival at Stratos in Oslo. It was absolutely amazing and the venue was packed to it’s full capacity within a few minutes! People were actually jumping at times, which takes a lot at a festival like By:Larm. For those who don’t know, By:Larm is a music industry festival in Norway, which focuses on new music and new bands in Scandinavia. There are lots of music industry characters around, which generally just stand there watching the show as if they were immersed in a philosophy lecture – chin stroking and everything – and if they are happy they might nod their head half an inch or open their eyes a bit wider, and if they are REALLY happy they might even tap their foot. Anyway if they are happy, we are happy of course. We were really lucky though, because at our gig lots of young people in their teens and twenties came, and they are just so full of youthful energy that even if they wanted to look ‘cool’, they just couldn’t help themselves. When I asked them if they liked a bit of ‘dubstep wobble noises here and there’ I was met with a screaming wall of sound. I took that as a ‘Yes’.

By:Larm update

We just did our first gig for the  By:Larm  festival in Oslo.

It was a great evening with lots of friends and strangers that became new friends. We thank everyone for coming and hope you all enjoyed it as much as us. We had a blast despite Anton having a bit of a technical problem 1 hour before we were due to play, and swearing that he ‘will never use a compter on stage agan’, he sorted it out and his LFOs performed superb and beyond expectations. Kicking the computer out of the band  has been on our mind. But we are still waiting until the firmware on our new toy has been updated.
Dag Arne was rocking out, and was almost on his knees a couple of times, which is unlike him, as he is 2 meters tall, and it is a long way down to the ground.
Unfortunatly we didnt get anyone to film this gig, even though we had our camera with us. We will ask someone to film us next time at Stratos. Saterday 19th of feb. ( So watch out friends, we might abuse your friendship : )   hint hint.

Its been an exciting time for Babyjaws!

The festival By:Larm in Oslo, has sparked off some  attention from the Norwegian press. We did a couple of interviews for VG newspaper and  we were on Norwegian news (NRK) doing a rehearsal which was  fun.  Then later  I did an interview for TV2″‘s  talk show called “Fredag” ,  where the host Stål Talsnes introduced us as ‘one of the up an coming acts in Norway…’  ….When I called Anton to tell him the news this morning ,  he said   “I’m not up… and im certainly not coming”
lol lol
This is all good news for us, and hopefully will bring more people to the next gig at By:Larm (19.02. Stratos 22.30), and also to the coming gigs this spring!

New BCR2000 maps for TETR4 OS 1.3

Here are the new updated controller maps for your BCR2000 to control your D.S.I TETR4 Synth
Tetr4_Bcr2011 (3682)

I reccommend using Mountain Utilities’ amazing BC Manager program to upload these to your BCR and also to print the reference cards/strips.
The presets  have been updated and fixed to take advantgae of the new features that os 1.3  has brought, like the new improved multi mode, great new Arp mode,  the lfo tempo sync bug having been fixed, and ‘slew’ destination on sequencer tracks 2 and 4 (which affects seq track 1 and 4,) more info here (many thanks to Chris hector) it should make the tetra a lot of fun to tweak :)

Id like to mention a couple of things about these maps, firstly is that buttons on the bcr2000  dont normally send 14bit Nrpn’s, only the encoders do that, so, you cant assign these parameters using the bcr’s edit controls, it has to be done with the .tx statements that you code by hand. I’m saying this in case you try to re-edit some buttons from the front panel of the BCR and they end up not working, best not to re-save buttons from the BCR itself. I’ve included the pdf BC Secrets that explains all the cool different things you can assign to buttons and knobs on the BCR, and a BCR midi implemantation pdf, well worth a read!
Secondly, I have made these presests all use midi channel 12, so if you are going to use the cool new multi mode, changing the midi channel on the tetra itself in global settings from 12 to 11 would enable the BCR to start editing voice 2, again going down to 10 on the tetra would enable editing on voice 3, and finally setting the tetra to midi channel 9 would then enable editing on voice 4. hope that makes sense ;)
Also, maybe because of the new Voice 1 master clock function, changing the BPM seems to only work one way, from the tetra itself, the NRPN is correct, but it doesn’t seem to change when you tweak the control from the BCR. this works fine using CC though,  so you could change them from the front yourself to use CC instead if you like, or just jump to to preset 1 when ever you want to adjust BPM.

Global Settings in Tetr4 should be as follows:

MIDI Channel 12 (for program editing, leave it at 12, for multi editing, see above)
MParam Send:NRPN
M Param Rec: ALL
MIDI Control: On
MIDI Sysex: On
PotMode: Relative*

*at the moment, still working out how to have the tetr4  send its program edit values to the bcr, so that the Bcr gets feedback on all these values and displays them, before tweaking.
if ANYONE has the slightest clue please contact me at


2010 was a good year for Babyjaws. We released our debut album Pulsatilla online, and got lots of new followers through that. Lots of downloads from itunes, bandcamp and… well i hate to say it torrents.  Its a hard fact to accept but torrents has actually helped bring awearness to the band. I know it is wrong to steal music, still it helped us, so we are happy. Free torrent downloads has put a big spanner in the works for the big record labels, the big money, and the big names. For us on the other hand, when our album pops everywhere on the net on different download sites, next too maybe Madonnas new album, people might think that Babyjaws is someone they really really should have heard about, but havent. Out of shame they quickly download Pulsatilla, only to find out Babyjaws is a small independent band, that not many people have heard about untill now…. Take a look at this blog review!

Babyjaws playing @ by:larm

We got  confirmation that we are playing by:larm festival this year in Oslo on the 17th february and also on the 19th february,

so, my driving lessons and the English countryside have to be set aside for later as we return to base ;)

Music wise, hopefully a ‘sunshine’ remix in the works by the amazing Aaron Horn, check him out! he just won a major competition that saw him being flown to NYC to record and produce his song.

I Need Your Sunshine

Babyjaws performing ‘Sunshine’ in Oslo
had a lot of fun playing this song live!
one of more dubstep inspired songs to come next year :)
cut with the the 1956 documentary ‘Our Mr Sun’ available at
Thanks to Ninja , Tom Ståle Engebretsen and Helene Fjell for camera work

Viktoria ran away with the travelling theatre!

While Viktoria tours Norway with the traveling ‘RiksTeatret’ along with the wonderful Liv Ullman and Bjørn Sundquist,  she has decided to do the odd local Norwegian radio slot to promote our ‘Pulsatila’ album,

WHICH IS GREAT! go Viktoria! more power to the independant band!l

Update from Viktoria

We had our first radio interview in Modum radio. A small local radio staion in a little place called Modum. A friend suggested I use some of this time of touring Norway with the theatre, to do some radio interviews actross norway in local radio stations , to spread the word of Babyjaws
I took a taxi from the hotel. It was out in the sticks. I thought it might be in a small town or so. But Modum radio was in a totally random house on a totally random street, amogst other houses, close to a beautifull lake in a forest. I sat by the lake for 10 minuts  befor  I knocked on the door.   An old scruffy studio, kept alive only by good will and for the  love of it. A sweet old man, Magne Gronlund,  that doesn’t really know much about what’s going on in the music  or film world today, but knows everyone in town, runs the station.  Though he had caught the news about Live Ullmann performing   at the theatre nearby, which is big news for the smaller and bigger towns of Norway. Magne is a  real sweethart. He recorded  for 10 minuts of chitt chat, and he played the tracks: All for you and Cold Nights.
Local radio statons are the best. Priceless!


We have released our down tempo chillout album “pulsatilla” and we are glad to offer this for download at our music shop here

this album took quite a while to complete and we had a lot of fun on the way :) thanks to everyone involved.