Dave smith tetr4 Behringer Bcr2000 controller map

Finally finished my NRPN mapping saga, took bloody ages!
anyway here it is if anyone elso has a Behringer BCR2000 and a Dave Smith Instruments Tetra and wants them hooked up
with all controllers mapped out beautifully ;)
had to custom edit the buttons on my pc to send out 14bit nrpns to all you geeks
also changed the resolution on a lot of encoders to move according to the speed you move it, great for selecting fine adjustments or going end to end quickly, works a treat!
Also, you will have MUCH fun with the sequencer now,
proper old school analog style sequencer, reminds of working with a korg SQ-10 now :) thats a good thing ;)
here it is……..

Tetr4_Bcr2011 (3644)

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