Viktoria ran away with the travelling theatre!

While Viktoria tours Norway with the traveling ‘RiksTeatret’ along with the wonderful Liv Ullman and Bjørn Sundquist,  she has decided to do the odd local Norwegian radio slot to promote our ‘Pulsatila’ album,

WHICH IS GREAT! go Viktoria! more power to the independant band!l

Update from Viktoria

We had our first radio interview in Modum radio. A small local radio staion in a little place called Modum. A friend suggested I use some of this time of touring Norway with the theatre, to do some radio interviews actross norway in local radio stations , to spread the word of Babyjaws
I took a taxi from the hotel. It was out in the sticks. I thought it might be in a small town or so. But Modum radio was in a totally random house on a totally random street, amogst other houses, close to a beautifull lake in a forest. I sat by the lake for 10 minuts  befor  I knocked on the door.   An old scruffy studio, kept alive only by good will and for the  love of it. A sweet old man, Magne Gronlund,  that doesn’t really know much about what’s going on in the music  or film world today, but knows everyone in town, runs the station.  Though he had caught the news about Live Ullmann performing   at the theatre nearby, which is big news for the smaller and bigger towns of Norway. Magne is a  real sweethart. He recorded  for 10 minuts of chitt chat, and he played the tracks: All for you and Cold Nights.
Local radio statons are the best. Priceless!

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