2010 was a good year for Babyjaws. We released our debut album Pulsatilla online, and got lots of new followers through that. Lots of downloads from itunes, bandcamp and… well i hate to say it torrents.  Its a hard fact to accept but torrents has actually helped bring awearness to the band. I know it is wrong to steal music, still it helped us, so we are happy. Free torrent downloads has put a big spanner in the works for the big record labels, the big money, and the big names. For us on the other hand, when our album pops everywhere on the net on different download sites, next too maybe Madonnas new album, people might think that Babyjaws is someone they really really should have heard about, but havent. Out of shame they quickly download Pulsatilla, only to find out Babyjaws is a small independent band, that not many people have heard about untill now…. Take a look at this blog review!

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