New BCR2000 maps for TETR4 OS 1.3

Here are the new updated controller maps for your BCR2000 to control your D.S.I TETR4 Synth
Tetr4_Bcr2011 (3644)

I reccommend using Mountain Utilities’ amazing BC Manager program to upload these to your BCR and also to print the reference cards/strips.
The presets  have been updated and fixed to take advantgae of the new features that os 1.3  has brought, like the new improved multi mode, great new Arp mode,  the lfo tempo sync bug having been fixed, and ‘slew’ destination on sequencer tracks 2 and 4 (which affects seq track 1 and 4,) more info here (many thanks to Chris hector) it should make the tetra a lot of fun to tweak :)

Id like to mention a couple of things about these maps, firstly is that buttons on the bcr2000  dont normally send 14bit Nrpn’s, only the encoders do that, so, you cant assign these parameters using the bcr’s edit controls, it has to be done with the .tx statements that you code by hand. I’m saying this in case you try to re-edit some buttons from the front panel of the BCR and they end up not working, best not to re-save buttons from the BCR itself. I’ve included the pdf BC Secrets that explains all the cool different things you can assign to buttons and knobs on the BCR, and a BCR midi implemantation pdf, well worth a read!
Secondly, I have made these presests all use midi channel 12, so if you are going to use the cool new multi mode, changing the midi channel on the tetra itself in global settings from 12 to 11 would enable the BCR to start editing voice 2, again going down to 10 on the tetra would enable editing on voice 3, and finally setting the tetra to midi channel 9 would then enable editing on voice 4. hope that makes sense ;)
Also, maybe because of the new Voice 1 master clock function, changing the BPM seems to only work one way, from the tetra itself, the NRPN is correct, but it doesn’t seem to change when you tweak the control from the BCR. this works fine using CC though,  so you could change them from the front yourself to use CC instead if you like, or just jump to to preset 1 when ever you want to adjust BPM.

Global Settings in Tetr4 should be as follows:

MIDI Channel 12 (for program editing, leave it at 12, for multi editing, see above)
MParam Send:NRPN
M Param Rec: ALL
MIDI Control: On
MIDI Sysex: On
PotMode: Relative*

*at the moment, still working out how to have the tetr4  send its program edit values to the bcr, so that the Bcr gets feedback on all these values and displays them, before tweaking.
if ANYONE has the slightest clue please contact me at

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