By:Larm update

We just did our first gig for the  By:Larm  festival in Oslo.

It was a great evening with lots of friends and strangers that became new friends. We thank everyone for coming and hope you all enjoyed it as much as us. We had a blast despite Anton having a bit of a technical problem 1 hour before we were due to play, and swearing that he ‘will never use a compter on stage agan’, he sorted it out and his LFOs performed superb and beyond expectations. Kicking the computer out of the band  has been on our mind. But we are still waiting until the firmware on our new toy has been updated.
Dag Arne was rocking out, and was almost on his knees a couple of times, which is unlike him, as he is 2 meters tall, and it is a long way down to the ground.
Unfortunatly we didnt get anyone to film this gig, even though we had our camera with us. We will ask someone to film us next time at Stratos. Saterday 19th of feb. ( So watch out friends, we might abuse your friendship : )   hint hint.

Its been an exciting time for Babyjaws!

The festival By:Larm in Oslo, has sparked off some  attention from the Norwegian press. We did a couple of interviews for VG newspaper and  we were on Norwegian news (NRK) doing a rehearsal which was  fun.  Then later  I did an interview for TV2″‘s  talk show called “Fredag” ,  where the host Stål Talsnes introduced us as ‘one of the up an coming acts in Norway…’  ….When I called Anton to tell him the news this morning ,  he said   “I’m not up… and im certainly not coming”
lol lol
This is all good news for us, and hopefully will bring more people to the next gig at By:Larm (19.02. Stratos 22.30), and also to the coming gigs this spring!

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