babyjaws @ By:Larm 2011

On the 19th of feb we played our last gig for the By:Larm festival at Stratos in Oslo. It was absolutely amazing and the venue was packed to it’s full capacity within a few minutes! People were actually jumping at times, which takes a lot at a festival like By:Larm. For those who don’t know, By:Larm is a music industry festival in Norway, which focuses on new music and new bands in Scandinavia. There are lots of music industry characters around, which generally just stand there watching the show as if they were immersed in a philosophy lecture – chin stroking and everything – and if they are happy they might nod their head half an inch or open their eyes a bit wider, and if they are REALLY happy they might even tap their foot. Anyway if they are happy, we are happy of course. We were really lucky though, because at our gig lots of young people in their teens and twenties came, and they are just so full of youthful energy that even if they wanted to look ‘cool’, they just couldn’t help themselves. When I asked them if they liked a bit of ‘dubstep wobble noises here and there’ I was met with a screaming wall of sound. I took that as a ‘Yes’.

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