Sommerøya. Next stop Slottsfjell.

We have been doing lots of giging since the ByLarm music festival this year. Different festivals and events. Its been a blast! And we are still not done. This weekend we played at Sommerøya electronica festival at Langøyene. Which is mainly a DJ festival. Still they thought Babyjaws would fit in to that. They were right, it worked. We had a great time both on stage and off. Lots of good DJ-acts played. Subway was there, the drum and base DJ master, Aniki a Norwegian producer/DJ which aparantly is doing his first gigs in Norway this summer, Charlotte Thorstvedt, Ralf Mayerz, No Dile Tone, Datarok did a DJ set with some of my favorit tunes. Anyway the list is long. It was an awsome weekend and we spent it in a tipi! Thank you Anton Sol for making the festival happen! Look out for Sommerøya 2012 year. Thats where you need to be if you wanna survive…maybe. But dont quote me on it :) Next stop: Slottsfjeld Festival in Tønsberg. We are playing Saterday 16th of July at the Total Scene. The lineup at Slottsfjeld is totally amazing, check it at, and the location is too. So if you haven’t already got a ticket, get your shit togeter and do it, even if you live in Australia. You can still make it in time!

Picture taken on musikk day at Fugazi by Viktor Jæger.

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